Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022

The above regulations came into Force on 23 January 2023 and apply to all buildings in England that comprise two or more domestic premises.

The regulations impose duties on you if you are the Responsible Person for any building which:-

  • Contains two or more sets of domestic premises.
  • Contains common parts through which residents would need to evacuate in the case of an emergency.

A Responsible person will depend on the type of property, but in residential buildings will likely be the owner/Freeholder.

The regulations apply to: –

  • Parts of the buildings that are used in common by the residents of two or more domestic premises. The area from the external access door/s  to  the premises, up to and including the front door of the individual dwelling   It also covers the common alarm system which may extend into the flat or bedsit.
  • Flat entrance doors
  • The walls and floors that separate any domestic premises from other domestic premises, plant rooms, etc or from parts of the building that are used in common by the occupants of two or more domestic premises.

The regulations do not apply within individual flats, other than in respect of measures installed within flats for the safety of other residents of the building i.e. sprinklers, smoke detectors connected to a communal fire alarm system.

The legislation places a duty upon the responsible person who can and does exercise control over the areas mentioned above.

The duties of the responsible person are to:-

  • Ensure that  a fire risk assessment of the premises has been undertaken.  This can be completed by The responsible person if they are competent to do so or completed by a Fire Risk Assessor.
  • If any shortfalls are identified, that these are rectified.
  • Check that any fire equipment is tested and maintained in good working order
  • That corridors and staircases are clear and available at all times.
  • Regularly review the fire risk assessment and update when necessary.

Information for Residents.

Fire Safety instructions must be displayed in a prominent  part of the building and provided to tenants as soon as reasonable possible after they move into their flat  and at periods not exceeding 12 month thereafter.  These instructions must be easy to understand and must cover the following.

  • The evacuation strategy.
  • How to report a fire

Information about Fire Doors,  mainly the  residents flat entrance doors,   must also be provided to the tenants as soon as reasonable possible after they have moved in and as above issued again every 12 months thereafter.

This information must state:

  • Fire doors must be closed when not in use.
  • Residents and their guests should not tamper with self-closing devices on fire doors.
  • Residents must report any fault with or damage to fire doors immediately to The responsible person or their agent.